Best Local Nonprofit Organization

Women's and Children's Alliance

They save lives. It's that simple, and it's that important. For more than a century, the Women's and Children's Alliance has provided safe haven for victims of of assault. Coupled with therapy and advocacy, the WCA is the standard-bearer of freedom from domestic violence. Brava!

2nd Place: Idaho Humane Society­­—The Humane Society is nearly as old as Idaho itself, founded in the late 1890s. It really took off in the early 1940s, when three women confronted then-Mayor Westerman Whillock about terrible conditions at the city pound. It remains the largest and oldest animal welfare organization and veterinary charity in the state. Talk about a track record.

3rd Place: Boise Bicycle Project—Founded in 2007, BBP continues to prove that a bike is much more than two wheels and handlebars. It's community engagement, work security and personal empowerment. And, of course, too much fun to be exercise.

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