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The women's bathroom in a bar is a mysterious and secret place, where women collect en masse to report back to the team of superwomen running the world from a secret superbathroom. From the privacy of their own bathroom stalls, women transmit top-secret messages back to headquarters and await further instructions as to how best carry out their part in running the world. It's a well-refined process, and for hundreds of years, the world's men have been fooled into thinking female herd-mentality in so far as restroom protocol is concerned was simply an expression of learned social behavior. It is in fact, a genetic need—a call, if you will—for women to report back to the queen. Well, that and sometimes there's a bar in the bathroom. And a couch. Come to think of it, why wouldn't women rather hang out in the bathroom where there's no line for the bar, the couch is comfy and the men can't crash the party? A bar in a bathroom ... sounds like an idea that should catch on all over town if you ask us.

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