Best Band Name Change to Something Equally Enigmatic and Equally Prone to Being Misspelled

PussyGutt to Wolvserpent

Editors' Picks

Choosing a band name that is too long, difficult to pronounce, an inside joke, simply ridiculous or profane is by no means the first step of a hasty spiral into obscurity. Look at ... And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, (hed) pe (the e in head is actually supposed to be upside down), Minus the Bear and Starfucker. Or Boise doom metal duo Wolvserpent nee PussyGutt. Blake Green and Brittany McConnell have captured the attention of metal fans and critics the world over and after nearly a decade together and a number of acclaimed releases, Wolvserpent continues to excel at creating haunting, languorous, loud music. Although the first appellation was often spelled as two words or with one "t" and the second is sometimes said and/or spelled Wolv-er-spent, this band is proof writ large of "a rose by any other name ..."

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