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Eleven11 at VAC

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Best of Boise 2006 came out before Visual Arts Collective's Eleven11 (11 artists exhibited on Nov. 11) show, but we thought it was so cool, we just had to put it in our 2007 Best of Boise issue.

Viewers were treated to acts of daring by trapeze artist Fabienne Lab, music by Neut and the eye candy created by the 11 local artists—chosen by gallery co-owner (and artist himself), Sam Stimpert—Vy Boutdy, EPIK, paste eater, Gahlen Fridley, Bobby Gaytan, Jennie Myers, Erin Ruiz, Ben Wilson, Jeremy Webster, DMIZE and one anonymous artist. It was overwhelming in all the right ways.

There's little doubt that VAC's move to the Live, Work, Create District in Garden City will do anything but increase the number and quality of shows at the gallery.

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