Best Animal At The Zoo


Even when you don't actually walk through the gates of Zoo Boise, you're soon reminded why you love the place. It's the giraffes, of course. They stick their necks out for you time and again, poking those adorable, spotted faces over the fence to say "hi" (talk about an advertisement). How much do we love the giraffes? So much that when we're tired of visiting the real thing, we run over to the giraffe slide (refurbished in 2016).

2nd Place: Red Panda­—Quickly becoming a Zoo Boise favorite, the red panda exhibit grew exponentially in popularity when a string of babies were born in quick succession to parents Dolly and Winston (five litters in three years). Fully grown, they're only as big as a house cat. Natives of the Himalayas, Dolly, Winston and their new clan like Boise just fine, thank you.

3rd Place: Tiger—The tiger exhibit has long been a favorite, so it was particularly sad day this past March when the much-beloved Tundra, an 18-year-old male Amur tiger, passed away after battling cancer. An entire generation of children grew up admiring Tundra, and the zoo has been actively working to find a replacement to accompany 12-year-old tigress Katarina.

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