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Forcing people to walk further to taxis

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This one can be interpreted one of two ways.

One: By making sloppy drunks walk a few blocks to get a ride home, maybe they won't be so sloppy by the time they make it to the taxi—a fact a few taxi drivers are sure to appreciate.

Two: By placing taxis a little farther away, it brings only the most dedicated drinkers out. Those whose hearts aren't really in it may just decide to hold off on that last drink so they can safely drive home, or maybe just elect to stay home altogether, because bed is just a stagger away.

Either way, the City of Boise's decision to move all taxi pickup to one central location seems to have had an impact on the downtown hullabaloo. Taxis and riders are now used to the location, and the city is even talking about adding a few more taxi stops to increase use.

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