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Anyone who had a zipline built in their back yard as a kid probably still has a scar or two from them. And memories about flying too high and too fast around the yard on a cable and a bit of metal harness material. Leave it to Tamarack Resort to turn such an experience into something you can re-experience, with a guide. Although at BW we constantly wonder how Tamarack is staying in business, and we're aware that times are financially a bit tight up there in Donnelly, their problems won't be because of a lack of creativity. Six different ziplines are set up all over the resort area, and visitors can cruise through the treetops on cables spanning hundreds of acres. It's a heckuva lot more managed than your average backyard line—guides, harnesses and helmets are the norm for zipline tours—but it's also a heckuva lot more fun. What kid had the cash to set up a system this exhaustive? Wish we did.

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