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Empanadas at Tango's

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An empanada is a little puff of heaven stuffed with meat, veggies, cheese or a little dulce de leche. One BW staffer spent four months last winter lazing around Argentina, stuffing herself on Malbec and empanadas and was all too pleased to return to the BW offices to find that her co-workers had discovered Tango's, a recently opened empanada house run by Argentine transplants. Unless you've had a smattering of Spanish, you won't know how to pronounce some of what's on the menu (forget about trying to guess by what each empanada is stuffed with; you'll want to cheat and look at the menu for that). The moleh with chicken and a sweet peanut chili sauce is our news editor's favorite. The gaucho is what you'll most often see in Argentina, with ground beef, boiled egg, olives and onions. Vegetarians have plenty of options beyond the simple queso, including the Peruvian-named Cuzco with corn, tomatoes, onions and peppers. Don't stuff yourself too full on the savory stuff, however, because we absolutely require that if you pay Tango's a visit, you order at least one dessert empanada. Dulce de leche is about as Argentine as it gets when it comes to the culinary arts (other than mate, of course), and Tango's has a dessert empanada filled with the hot, creamy caramel sauce. Todos los empanadas son frito ... que rico!

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