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Zeppole Bakery

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Picking up a loaf of Zeppole's fresh-baked bread is one of the best stops on the Saturday Market circuit, but what happens if you stay out way too late one Friday night and don't get out of bed until after 1 p.m.? Reeking of last night's spontaneous beer fest, you slap on a pair of sunglasses and hobble down to Eighth Street to find that the banners are down, the tents are packed away, and the goods are boxed up until next week. And all you wanted was a couple of challah rolls to go with your bacon and eggs. Don't despair. Hotfoot it over to Zeppole's Parkcenter location where all of the leftover bread from the market (if there is any) is shipped. Not only can you get your fix, but it's all BOGO. :

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