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BESO Glow Benefit


Arizona has been catching a lot of heat for its new immigration law. The state has been the subject of numerous boycotts, protests and political rants. However, the new law definitely isn't the first time Arizona has taken a rather shrewd approach toward immigration. Last year the Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives, Thomas C. Horne, was taken to the U.S. Supreme Court over the state's failure to adequately appropriate educational focus toward English language learners. The plaintiff, Miriam Flores, argued that the state wasn't doing enough to accommodate the Spanish speaking demographic in bilingual-education. ELL and bilingual education advocates took a huge blow when the court eventually ruled that, "Research on ELL instruction indicates there is documented, academic support for the view that SEI [structured English immersion] is significantly more effective than bilingual education."

However, this hasn't stopped the Bilingual Education Student Organization of Boise State from throwing a killer party. On Saturday the group will be hosting the BESO glow benefit, a family-friendly event inside the Student Union Building that will include glow bowling, glow face painting, glow crafts and ice cream (it's still unclear whether or not the ice cream will have any glowing properties).

The events are cheap, running from $1-$5 per activity and proceeds benefit BESO for its effort to advocate for linguistic diversity and inclusive education throughout campus and the community. Because, despite what the xenophobes might say, being bilingual leads to a better education for all.

Saturday, Aug. 7, 1-4 p.m., $1-$5 per activity, Boise State SUB Games Center, 1910 University Drive, 208-426-4077.