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Bern, Baby Bern

Bernie Sanders' Boise campaign stop draws thousands


Outside Taco Bell Arena March 21, thousands of Idahoans stood in long lines to hear from Democratic Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the progressive presidential hopeful whose campaign promises free public university education, criminal justice and campaign finance reform, and a $15 minimum wage.

Queuing with other supporters, Sri Arjuna said he was impressed with the contender's consistency on the issues.

"It's hard to find a politician who keeps saying the same thing for decades," he said.

During a speech that lasted more than an hour and a half, Sanders outlined his positions on a huge swath of issues, discussing everything from Democratic primary opponent Hillary Clinton's speeches on Wall Street to controversial Republican frontrunner Donald Trump to mass incarceration.

"It's a better investment to send a kid to the University of Idaho than to jail," Sanders told the cheering crowd, which unofficial estimates pegged at about 7,000 people.