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Bent-(zzz)-inger ...


Maybe you already knew that the police can cite drivers for a DUI based on impairment from prescription drugs, rather than just alcohol. Maybe you didn't. Maybe you found out the hard way: with your bumper through the garage door and an open bottle of Xanax on your lap. But if you did know, why the heck didn't you--why didn't somebody, at least--ever bother to go tell Charlet?

Charlet Bentzinger, 48, was arrested last Tuesday, November 14, after she crashed the bus she drives for the Meridian school district into a parked school bus. Following the crash, police cited her for a misdemeanor DUI. Eight middle school students were on Bentzinger's bus at the time of the accident, and knowing middle-school-age students, at least one of them probably enjoyed the whole depraved spectacle and has already written a personal essay about how cool it was that one time when he almost, like, died.

However, it was probably only that kid with the sick sense of humor--the one sitting all the way in the back--who enjoyed the incident, because Bentzinger was reportedly quite the wild driver in the moments leading up to the crash. According to published reports, she had already crashed into a pine tree and driven up on a curb, causing the passengers to scream and ask to be let off the bus. No one was injured in the crash.