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When the advanced copy of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles didn't show up on time, I instead had to reach for what looked like another horribly rotten horror flick. It has the MTV Films stamp on the front—I'm not sure if that means it's going to be chock full of music videos or scary horror monsters. I'm just kidding. Clearly it wouldn't have either.

Actually, considering it wasn't quite up to par in film quality and that the acting was just a hair under what I'd call good, this movie wasn't altogether completely awful.

A 14-year-old girl crashes her sister's car. She's ejected, but her sister is not so lucky, and the 14-year-old is forced to watch as her sister burns in the exploded vehicle. After her sister's funeral in which she makes a big fuss because she swears her sister is still alive in the coffin, she leaves town returning when she's grown up only to make a bigger fuss because she still swears her sister was buried alive.

The movie's called Beneath because, as you come to find out at the end, someone—or something—is living beneath something. Ooooh. You got chills just then, didn't you?

This movie's not hokey, just a little detached. By the finale, it even built up enough steam to make me yell at the screen once and shiver a bit when the climax hit. But don't let the MTV logo fool you—there are no rock stars in this one, and it's average fare at best.