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Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day

Ben & Jerry's, Tuesday, April 10


Ben & Jerry's ice cream got its start in the '70s thanks to a $5 Penn State correspondence course and two hippies with a dream. They were among the first—if not the first—ice cream makers to add big chunks of chocolate, marshmallow and more to their house-made ice creams, thanks to co-founder Ben Cohen's inability to smell, which gives him a sharp appreciation for texture. The innovation won the founding duo appreciation nationwide, sparking a global ice cream empire. Now, the inventors of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (yes, really) are giving back on Tuesday, April 10, with the return of the annual Free Cone Day, a thank-you gift to the community for keeping them in business since 1978. Stop by the Ben & Jerry's location on 10th Street to snag a free cone (or cup) of your favorite flavor.