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Beginning Swing Dance Lessons


Some people are insecure in their ability to boogie and require glugs of alcohol to get in the groove. Others will take any minor event and hold a dance party in its honor--whenever, wherever. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to become freer with your footsteps, a good place to start is the four-week Simply Swing Series for Beginners at the Dance Arts Academy.

For only $45 per person, you can learn how to jump, jive and wail in the East Coast swing-style with teacher Lori Anne Gonzalez, a credentialed American-style ballroom instructor. Gonzalez will go over things like timing, footwork and leading/following at a studio located in the El Dorado business campus on the southwest corner of Eagle and Overland in Meridian.

Though ballroom shoes aren't required for the class, it still requires a little planning on your part. Dancers are encouraged to sign up early, as the class fills up fast. There is also a one-time registration fee of $15.90 per person or $26.54 per couple.

And if swing isn't exactly your thang, be sure to check out the other classes offered--like Social Success for Beginners and Pre-competitive International Style for Beginners--at