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Beer Guzzler: Medal Winning Brews

Get a chance to try all four during a special tasting at Bowen Crossing's Bier:Thirty


  • Boise Weekly

Idaho did well last month at Denver's Great American Beer Festival. Boise breweries took home three gold, while eastern Idaho's Grand Teton grabbed a silver. One of the gold medalists (the Red-Fish RaĆ¼chbock from Sockeye) is only available on tap. You can grab a pint at the brewery. And on Wednesday, Nov. 20, from 5-8 p.m., you'll get a chance to try all four during a special tasting at Bowen Crossing's Bier:Thirty.

Boise Brewing Black Cliffs, $6.49, 22 oz

This gold medal-winning American Stout sports a persistent, mocha-colored, three-finger head, covering an opaque, ebony-hued ale. Touches of licorice mingle with the fruity hop and dark-roast coffee aromas. Big and bold on the palate with just a sweet bit of malt at the center, the rich espresso and earthy dark chocolate flavors are balanced by a bitter hop bite on the finish.

Grand Teton Black Cauldron Imperial Stout, $10.49, 6-pack

A dark espresso in the glass, the thin, tan head fades quickly. You get a nice whiff of smoke on the nose, along with dark fruit and toasted malt. It's beautifully balanced in the mouth, with dark chocolate, lightly bitter coffee, smokey roasted malt and a touch of sherry. Garnered silver; deserved gold.

Mad Swede Brewing Naked Sunbather, $10.99, 6-pack

The name might make you think that this gold medalist brown ale would be better suited for summer enjoyment, but it has the stuffing for year round consumption. A red-tinged, chestnut-colored pour, it's topped by a thin, beige head. Sweet, nutty caramel aromas play against bitter chocolate. The flavors are smooth and creamy with fruity malt balanced by a surprising hit of hop bitterness. This brew finishes clean and dry.