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Beemer Thief Gets Acht Jahren


One of the three local men involved in a meth-tinged joyride in January has been sentenced to serve at least eight years in prison. Twenty-one-year-old Jason Eric Waidelich was charged with grand theft by possession, felony possession of a controlled substance, aiding and abetting robbery and possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, according to an Attorney General's Office release.

Waidelich was arrested during a traffic stop on January 27, the same night that two other men who Boise Police say were acquaintances of Waidelich, 22-year-old Donald Koski and 23-year-old Raymond Simmons, were also arrested for stealing BMWs and possessing methamphetamine (BW, True Crime, "Straight Outtta East Boise ... and Into IHOP," February 8, 2006). Waidelich's arrest was the least exciting of the three, since Simmons ran from police and Koski crashed through the side of the IHOP on Federal Way. This crash, thankfully, gave most of the BW editorial crew an excuse to head up to the pancake house for a nice long session of flapjack-scarfin' and wreck-gawking. We hope that during the sentencing, the judge takes all the happiness Kosko brought us into consideration.