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Becca Gourley and Friends, August 4, Satchel's


It's nice to imagine that in our little 'cosm, all of the creative, intelligent people never leave. Unfortunately, sometimes the best and the brightest have to spread their wings and fly to faraway places—like North Carolina. Hopefully they come back, bringing their newfound knowledge with them. One way to help guarantee that happens is to throw them a great going-away party or go and have a great time when they throw one for themselves.

Local violinist/vocalist (Crash Four, Becca and Kelly) Becca Gourley says goodbye to Boise and heads south to "pursue a master's degree in violin pedagogy and performance." Gourley received a full scholarship and graduate assistantship, of which she says, "I'm really proud of that accomplishment, but I [want] to leave with a big show." On Saturday, she'll be joined on the Satchel's stage by her peers, some of Boise's most accomplished musicians. Gourley says the plan is that each musician/group will join her for two songs, and then they'll all join in a big jam session at the end. Hanging out with her for the evening are Douglas Cameron, Bill Coffey and Ned Evett, Steve Fulton and Christine Thomas, David Andrews, Kelly Martin (CrashFour), Jake Ransom (CrashFour), Shawn Brown, Micah, Jerry Fee, Ryan Peck, Jeremiah James and Billy G. Camp.

Though the occasion may be bittersweet, it promises to be a fun evening and a chance to wish one of our own goodbye and good luck.

—Amy Atkins

Saturday, August 4, 6-9 p.m., FREE, Satchel's Grill, 705 W. Bannock St., 208-344-3752.