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Beating Around the Bush

A Boise Weekly Board Game


After almost a decade of covering Dubya, Boise Weekly thought it would be appropriate to say a farewell to the man who's so drastically changed the world—for better or worse. But what do you say about a presidency that's entrenched the country in a $57.2 billion trade deficit, almost doubled the national debt to more than $10 trillion, started two wars, violated the citizens' civil liberties and lied to the nation?

You don't. You don't say anything new because it's all been said before by many before you. You don't say anything because it's time to look to the future rather than wring your hands over the past.

In effort to let the past go and move onto the future both literally and metaphorically, we decided to lighten the mood considerably with a little fun.

Let the games begin.

Download Beating Around the Bush, a BW board game, here.