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Bear Coasters


Bearskin rugs are often found next to roaring fires or under mustachioed '70s porn stars. Their soft fur gives bare toes a cozy reprieve from the otherwise chilly concrete in a drafty castle. And while it's not uncommon to see soap opera lovers toasting ruby-hued zinfandels on a bearskin rug, you never see them furiously spritzing Resolve to get out the resulting red wine stains. Well now, you can harness all the awesomely sleazy kitsch of the bearskin rug while actually protecting your furniture from nasty stains.

Design superstars Kikkerland make a set of four faux-bearskin rug coasters to set your leaky beverages on. The pancaked bears were designed by Billy Law and come in milky white or light chocolate brown. And the best part--they're are made from the much easier to clean, far less furry silicone. A slight cup-sized indentation in the center of the bear keeps beer bottles or baby bottles in place without leaving un-bear-able condensation rings on your beloved wooden coffee table.

And if you need something to open your beverage before setting it on a bearskin coaster, Kikkerland also offers a cast iron bear beer bottle opener that can be mounted to a wall.