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Be a Jedi Knight

Saturday, April 2, at the Library at Hillcrest


What do Jedi knights have in common with Boise libraries? That's easy: the Force. For those of you less dorky, a cursory definition of the Force may be in order. According to Wookiepedia, the Star Wars wiki, the Force is "a metaphysical, binding and ubiquitous power. An energy created by all living things."

Now, the library is not a living thing (though many bibliophiles might insist otherwise), however, one can enhance the strength of his or her Force through knowledge, and libraries are stacked high with infinite knowledge. The Jedi Archives, keepers of sacred information in Star Wars, were inspired by real-world libraries. Without these holy bearers of all the information in the universe, the Jedi's Force could never be fully realized.

This is where Boise Jedis come in. Not many of us have been granted the opportunity to wander the halls of our own libraries like Obi-Wan Kenobi. Until now. The Library at Hillcrest is inviting young Jedis to participate in an afternoon of Star Wars activities. These include light saber training, a Dagobah obstacle course and a station for making Yoda finger puppets (it's always wise to have a Jedi master at your side). And there's plenty more, including special guests from the Empire's 501st Legion who, along with the library, can help you hone your use of the Force.

This event welcomes Jedis of all ages, from baby to adult. Registration, though free, is required to get a ticket. Costumes are encouraged, so don't miss the chance to either express your own inner Jedi or dress your kid in full Jedi regalia.