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BCT Fall Theater Lab

Runs through Saturday, Nov. 9


Learning there's nothing in the closet or under the bed is an important part of growing up, but sometimes we never lose the fear of the unknown. In two new plays written and performed by students of Boise Contemporary Theater's BCT Theater Lab, shadow-dwelling monsters abound.

In Seasick, The Psychedelic Seagull--a cruise ship in the mold of Ken Kesey's bus, Furthur--embarks on a 30-day voyage. But as the captain loses his bearings and a shady presence stalks the engine room, the ship becomes a prisoner of the sea.

In Grandview, blind Lucy takes a room at the Grandview Hotel and strikes up a friendship with a writer who paints her dazzling word pictures of the hotel's guests. A shuffling unknown lurks in the dark, however, signifying that the Grandview might not be quite how her new friend describes it.

The BCT Theater Lab is a past recipient of a Boise Weekly Cover Auction grant. In 2011, the program for children ages 12-18 took home $3,000. At the time, the program was designed to teach students about creating stage props for BCT productions, but since then, it has expanded to give voice to their budding playwriting talents.