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Battlehooch, July 28, Neurolux


Speaking to SF Weekly in 2012, Battlehooch drummer Tom Hurlbut pushed back against the notion the San Fran-based sextet is "weird." Rather, he said, "I think that everyone would like at least one Battlehooch song."

As SF Weekly pointed out, what might at first come off as a bit of braggadocio is actually an accurate reflection of the band's dizzying array of concepts. Self-described as "psychedelic rock," the moniker doesn't really do Battlehooch justice. "Type One Error"—half of the band's 2015 single Type One Error/Grace of Lace—skips from a synth-driven pop sensibility to a drum-heavy quick-step dirge punctuated by horns, building to a vaguely Nintendocore melody before exploding into a full-throated hard rock anthem and resolving in a blur of guitar fuzz. All in four minutes and eight seconds.

Battlehooch may not be weird, but it would be weird to miss a chance to see them. Can't hit Neurolux on a school night? Catch Battlehooch in Nampa at the Flying M Coffeegarage on Friday, July 29, following The Rifle and The Very Most. Show at 8 p.m., $5 cover.