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Battle of the Beards: Whisker Wars

It's going to be a fight to the follicle


According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the earliest reference to a beard dates back to the year 825. Since then, the beard has been in and out of fashion. It is currently in and is making a big comeback but not just with hipsters and musicians. Whisker Wars is a new series on IFC about the surprising trials and triumphs that happen in the world of competitive facial hair.

Whisker Wars follows a devout collection of "whisker warriors" as they compete for a spot on the American team headed to the World Championship Competition in Trondheim, Norway. The world championship has long been dominated by Germany but the self-appointed captain of Beard Team USA, Phil Olsen, has his eyes on the prize and will try to lead America to victory.

The seven-episode reality show comes from executive producer Thom Beers, who also produced such reality favorites as Deadliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers.

"The eccentricities and dedication of the bearding community is absolutely riveting, and once you add the competition element, it becomes a true sporting event," said Beers on "Whisker Wars has it all: rivalry, tragedy, love, jealousy and passion. It's an epic story."

It's also entertaining. And don't feel left out if you can't grow more than a patch of peach fuzz. At, you can be-beard yourself. Or if you have a big, beautiful set of sideburns, you can enter a contest for a shot at $500.