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Basque Foundation's Annual Sheepherders Ball

Saturday, Dec. 22, the Basque Center


For just about as long as people have been herding sheep in Idaho, Basque transplants from Europe have been the ones to do it. They've been at it here so long that even as immigrants from other corners of the world start to replace them, Basques remain synonymous with the job. Herding sheep has been baked into the local Basque culture, which is why on Saturday, Dec. 27, the Basque Foundation will throw its annual Sheepherders Ball at the Basque Center. There, the Oinkari Basque Dancers will perform, followed by a charity lamb auction and live music by the Kalimotxo Cowboys. In addition to the dancing and auction, there will be plenty of chorizo and booze to go around. The fun is cash-only, so don't forget to stock your wallet.