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Barstool Fling Lands Concertgoer in Jail


"Don't be an asshole. So you paid more than you could afford for the tickets. And waited for hours for the concert to begin. And it really, really pissed you off when your favorite rapper cancelled at the last minute. So what?

"That doesn't give you the right to pick up a solid-wood barstool and throw it at the stage. Especially when there are other human beings between you and that stage. Get yourself some effin' help."

Unfortunately for a woman out in Bodo for a fun, music-filled Oct. 17, a 25-year-old Caldwell man evidently didn't get the above message from his brain's impulse-control center.

According to BPD arrest reports, a female concertgoer sustained serious injuries when the suspect reacted to the cancellation news at Knitting Factory by heaving a solid-wood barstool into the crowd. The identified flying object knocked the woman to the ground.

She was transported to a nearby hospital, he to the Ada County jail, where he was booked on an aggravated battery charge--a felony.