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Barhopper: Highlands Hollow is a Destination Brewery

The brewery at the base of Bogus Basin Road has been making beer for almost 30 years


The late winter snowpack has led to a surge in students and professionals mysteriously calling in sick over the last weeks. As my friends tell me, a bad day skiing is still better than a good day at work, so who can blame them? Whether perfect powder or second-rate snowpack awaited, the best day on the slopes ends with a brewski. That's why Highlands Hollow comes into play—it's the first brewery you can hit after winding down Bogus Basin road. (For the rest of the year, the brewhouse's location at the Hillside to Hollow trailhead makes it a good post-hike/bike ride watering hole, as well.)

RESPECT YOUR ELDERS: The Hollow refreshingly avoids the young, hipster aura surrounding most of Boise's beer scene, which is a testament to its age. The Hollow opened in 1992 and was originally named Harrison Hollow, making it the oldest operating brewery in town. The head brewer, Chris Compton, has been brewing at the Hollow since its second year, meaning the nine brews on tap have been perfected for nearly 30 years.

AMBIANCE ABOUNDS: Picture your homiest cozy dining room, add some cabin-like charm and a few taps. That's the vibe oozing around the Hollow. There is also the odd-but-lovely decor, which perfectly encapsulates a rustic, outdoorsy feeling. Icicle lights hang from the ceiling, hearkening back to seasonal vibes, but brilliant green shamrocks also vie for attention. The pinnacle of the experience is the roaring fire in the center of the room. Warm up next to that and all worries, decoration related or otherwise, will just melt away.

WHAT'S THE HAPPIEST HOUR? Every day from 3-6 p.m. take a dollar off a pint.

WHERE TO FIND IT: Highlands Hollow is located at 2455 N. Harrison Hollow Lane in Boise.