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Barbarian Brewing to Debut Unicorn Farts IPA Made with Edible Glitter


We all remember the pop culture phenomenon that was the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino—an iridescent, color- and flavor-changing blended monstrosity that cropped up for a limited time in 2017. Now, Boise-based Barbarian Brewing is doing Starbucks one better. On Saturday, June 30, they'll release a brand new beverage at their Garden City taproom to celebrate 1,000 days in business: Unicorn Farts, a "juicy IPA" brewed with edible glitter.

"We used a food-grade edible glitter, like what bakers use to make glitter cupcakes, cakes, whatever," said head brewer James Long. "We threw that in the beer, and with the carbonation it kind of spins around and cascades. It's a silver glitter so it gives [the beer] a silver shimmer."

Long sourced the glitter from Washington-based Brewers Supply Group, where he said he gets many of his ingredients. A total of 350 grams of glitter went into the one-off batch.

Despite its surface ridiculousness, Long has actually put a lot of thought into the taste of the brew, which relies on butterfly pea flowers—a natural food dye imported from Thailand—to give it its deep, purple-blue color. Overall, he said, it tastes like "a boozy juice box."

"All the hops that we picked had a lot of tropical fruit, citrus [and] juice flavors to them," Long said. "For the style of the beer, we add the hops later in the process so they don't get bitter."

Unicorn Farts is a deep blue-purple color shot that seems to constantly move in the glass. - BRE HOVLEY
  • Bre Hovley
  • Unicorn Farts is a deep blue-purple color shot that seems to constantly move in the glass.
The party in Garden City on Saturday, June 30, will also include the release of a new sour called Saga, which sits across the flavor spectrum from Unicorn Farts, made with the classic combination of blackberry and sage. Apart from the pours, attendees can also buy purple t-shirts emblazoned with a ditzy, fuschia-maned unicorn farting a rainbow to celebrate the milestone in true style.

The next day, the festivities will continue at Barbarian's downtown taproom when the brew will hit glasses to the tones of "western folk-punk" band Hogan & Moss and The Old Weird America.

Long only made one batch of Unicorn Farts—though he is considering re-creating the brew for next year's anniversary bash—so stop by one of the parties to gulp the glitter before it's gone.