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Bar Hopping for All Occasions

Pick your own path


With about a billion bars in the Boise area, sometimes it's hard to pick where to go. But that abundance of booze-swilling establishments also means there are plenty of options to tailor your night on the town to your needs. Raising a little hell with your buds? We've got that. Trying to act all grown-up when your parents come to visit? We've got that, too.

Now the guessing game has been taken out of achieving a proper night on the town. Just pick the reason you're hitting the scene and follow along. A note of warning though, since many of the tours intersect, it's easy to get sidetracked.

Check out the tours below to pan your own adventure.

21st Birthday/College Graduation Tour

21st Birthday and College Graduation. - ADAM ROSENLUND

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Tour

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party - ADAM ROSENLUND

Dive Bar/Smokers' Tour

Dive Bar/Smokers' Tour - ADAM ROSENLUND

Girls Night Out/Bad Break-Up/Frat Party Tour

Girls' Night Out/ Bad Break-up/ Frat Party Tour - ADAM ROSENLUND

Hipster Bar Tour


Parents/Inlaws/Clients Tour

Inlaws/Parents/Clients Tour - ADAM ROSENLUND