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Bar Hopper: 10th Street Station-A Deep Dive

To find one of Boise's best dive-ish bars, just look downward.


Wait, where? Many times I have told friends to meet me at 10th Street Station, and given decent directions, only to get a call while ordering my next round. For some reason, people don't tend to look down when seeking an establishment—gazes flit from eye level window to eye level window. The bar is located in the basement of the Idanha building, a classic Boise landmark.

What Is This Vibe? Simply put, it's a dive bar that doesn't feel overly dive-y. Early in the day, it's quiet and relaxing enough to get some work or studying in. Evenings fill up, but still stay subdued enough to engage in deep conversations. The atmosphere is boosted by the decor as well. License plates hang from the ceiling, signed photos of anyone who is anyone line the walls (find Larry Craig's and give it a good luck tap.) The token pair of skis mounted on the back wall sets a tone that transports you to a more mountainous ski town, giving off a aura that this is the perfect place to hunker down for a stiff drink when there's snow outside.

What's so Special? For the simplistic tastes, you can't go wrong with a heavy pour of your favorite libation (emphasis on heavy pour). Otherwise, look to the chalkboards located by the popcorn machine—there are drink specials for each day of the week, as well as an additional perpetually changing specials board. Local brews, seasonal favorites and brand spotlights routinely get featured here, giving yet another reason to check back often.

What's the Happiest Hour? From 2-7 p.m. daily, well drinks, draft beer and house wines are a dollar off.

Where to Find It: 10th Street Station is located on 10th street. I already clued you in to where.