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Bank (opening for The Higher), July 1, The Venue


The other day I was looking at some posted show fliers and could have sworn I was reading some kind of strange poetry instead of info on what bands were playing where. Gone are the days of simple one- or two-word band names, replaced by monikers that often include a subject and a predicate. It's fine if the music can support it, but occasionally an epic name hides mediocre music. However, sometimes the opposite is true, and a band proves the adage that less is more.

Boise-based foursome Bank's name is simple, and so it seems, is what they do: create hooky, emotional songs with an overall appeal. Brent Berg, Steve Pecka and brothers Dan and Andrew Keck mix sweet vocal harmonies, interesting rhythms and a knack for storytelling to come up with songs that will bounce around in your head for days. They're also ready to take their music to a larger audience.

In February of this year, the Bank boys headed to the Midwest to work with producer Ed Rose on a demo they could start shopping around. They came back with three tight, beautiful tracks, tour plans and a newfound sense of purpose. On Sunday, you can hear the new songs and see why, if Bank had followed the current naming conventions, they might have called themselves A Band On The Verge of Making It Big. Instead, they kept it simple and let the music speak for itself.

The Higher with Bank, The Sea Floor Spreading and Saturday Morning Heroes, July 1, 7 p.m., $10. The Venue, 521 Broad St.,