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Bang the Drums


As if Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna didn't have enough headaches at work, it seems his son is in a garage band.

Luna will appear in Nampa Magistrate Court on July 10 after a neighbor complained about his son's drumming. Luna faces a misdemeanor disturbing the peace charge. On May 9 at 9:21 p.m., a neighbor called the Nampa Police Department to complain about the noise.

"Anytime there's a neighbor dispute, if it's a misdemeanor then the citizen would have the option to sign a complaint and basically we just facilitate that," said Nampa Sgt. Curt Shankel.

According to State Department of Education spokesperson Melissa McGrath, Luna's son taught himself the drums over the last year and his friends like to come over and play.

"Superintendent Luna's son plays the drums at school and in a band, and he practices at home on a regular basis," McGrath said. "The Luna family is working to address the concerns that one neighbor has with the noise level."

One neighbor across the street from Luna told BW that Luna asked if they minded the drums. They said no, if the garage door stayed closed.

Luna has pleaded not guilty and will represent himself before Judge Dan C. Grober.