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BAM's Donut Ever Forget Me Exhibition Looks Good Enough to Eat


Boiseans have all heard of Country Donut, Guru Donuts and DK Donuts—but what about Kim's donuts? Don't be surprised if that's a new one; Boise visitor Jae Yong Kim is actually an artist, not a pastry chef, but his upcoming exhibit of ceramic donuts, which will go on display at Boise Art Museum on Saturday, Jan. 26, certainly looks real enough to dip in coffee.

Kim, who was born and raised in South Korea, started hand-sculpting his brightly colored donut series in 2008. BAM's Donut Ever Forget Me display will include 483 of the kiln-fired treats mounted in orderly rows. Apart from their clean, colorful lines and high-gloss glaze, every donut is unique: Their shapes range from classic circles (some with devil horns or Mickey Mouse ears) to hearts, squares and even flowers, and the decorations are even more varied. A white-glazed donut intricately patterned with black dots might sit beside one covered with vibrant Jackson Pollock-esque splashes and studded with Swarovski crystals.

"Kim's use of the ceramic medium and his appropriation of imagery by famous painters is a clever critique of the perceived divide between fine art and craft," BAM representatives wrote in a press release. "By depicting row-after-row of sweet treats, rendered in a brilliant Pop-Art palette, he also explores the global culture of consumerism and invites viewers to consider their own consumption."

BAM will host an exhibition preview party for Donut Ever Forget Me on Friday, Jan. 18, at 5:30 p.m. Locals can stop by to meet Kim in person and get a sneak-peek at the exhibition—straight from the kiln, not the fryer. It will run through Sunday, July 7.