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BAM Lights Up; Arts Grants Galore

There is money out there for artists ...


If you ever feel a little strung out, imagine how the staff at Boise Art Museum must have felt when they realized that the stringy neon sculpture that graces BAM's entryway had dulled with the passage of time. Some fresh gas has put a little get-up-and-go in the sculpture's got-up-and-went.

In 1989, BAM installed Post & Lintel--a neon sculpture by artist George Wray--on the outside of the building as part of an exhibit and it quickly became a part of the cityscape. But it was not built to last forever. The lights began to deteriorate and the sculpture lost its vibrancy. Thanks to a grant and donations, BAM was able to have the glass tubes refabricated and re-installed, and Post & Lintel is back to being a bright spot--or neon strings at least--on the horizon.

The vibrancy of the last Sunday in August will be gone from downtown Boise this year. Mark Rivers put the kibosh on Curb Cup.

"It's a great event. I love it and I love what it's become in the community. But it's a big burden and it's a big expense," said Rivers, who founded the event. "A lot of people think certain events happen because they just happen, rather than there's one person who picks up the check for dinner," he added with a laugh.

Behind every vibrant piece of art is an artist. And behind every artist is a learning curve and some credit card receipts.

In this week's Arts feature (this page), we have a rundown of some summertime classes that will help artists bone up on their mad skills or find a new creative outlet. And for those artists who eke out a living making the world a more beautiful place, here's a reminder that city and state grant deadlines are looming.

The Boise City Department of Arts and History grant program opens Wednesday, June 15, and applications are due Friday, July 29. Applying for grants can be a confusing and daunting process. That's why in the coming months, the DOAH will offer some workshops to inform artists of the grant program and process. Dates aren't quite set, so keep an eye on for more info. Or, better yet, visit the DOAH's Facebook page or follow them on Twitter at @BoiArtAndHist and sign up to receive e-blasts when the information is available.

Idaho Commission on the Arts is another vital avenue for artists, and the first ICA Quickfunds deadline is approaching: applications must be postmarked by Monday, June 13. ICA also has plenty of educational resources for artists. Find what you need at