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Ballot Stuffing, Banks and Canadians


After the conclusion of Best of Boise voting on Aug. 26, we put this issue to press and started the long process of tallying the votes. First, thanks to those of you who took the time to cast your ballot in recognition of what you think is best about this Boise of ours. Second, thanks to Ian and Cory at UrbanChalk, who ran our voting system this year. We've heard great things from our readers about this year's voting process, and we're stoked to have you guys as partners in this massive annual project.

To those of you who still think you can stuff the ballot and get away with it, lemme tell you: You've never met the power of Ian and Cory's new tool. We know exactly which places you stuffed the ballot box for; we know your IP address and your fake email addresses; we know your blood type, your favorite kind of beer and how bad your feet smell; we even know which words you consistently misspell. Better luck next time.

This year's Best of Boise hits stands in one giant issue Wednesday, Sept. 26. Until then, keep an eye on Cobweb for blog posts on years past and maybe a sneak peek of the winners. Or not.

As for this week's issue, good luck getting through the main story, "Balance Sheet," without feeling utterly disappointed, disgusted and/or depressed. Corruption in banking is rampant, bank leaders shirk the blame, and without fail, it's we the people who get screwed. Looking for something to buoy your faith in humanity after that story? Read this week's Citizen interview with Ben Skinner, who started a wildly successful nonprofit to help homeless students when he was only a high-schooler himself.

Back in A&E, you can get your funny on in Noise News, and if you've ever wondered what would happen if a conservationist took the mic in front of a room full of die-hard hunters and anglers, read this week's Rec story, "Funding Wildlife."

For news on the Republican Convention, as well as state, Congressional and presidential election news, visit boiseweekly.com and click on the Election 2012 banner at the top of the page. That'll take you to a comprehensive collection of BW's election news.