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Ballet Idaho's Studio Series Takes Center Stage

Saturday-Sunday, March 16-17


Editor's Note: Studio Series is choreographed by Ballet Idaho dancers, not Peter Anastos, as indicated below. The program for the event includes Mo Chuisle, with music by The High Kings and Ellis Kennedy, and choreography by Angela Napier Gibson; Resolute, with music by Yo la Tengo, Ratatat and Eric Powell, choreographed by Nathan Powell; Sospiro, with music by Faraualla and choreography by Nathan Powell and Lauren Menger; and The Hills in Orange and Black, with music by Ben Kirby of Sun Blood Stories and choreography by James Brougham and Daniel Ojeda.

According to author James Borg, 7 percent of human communication is spoken. The other 93 percent takes place through body language and eye contact. A glance askance or crossed arms set the tone for the most elementary of spoken messages. Consequently, dance—body language set to music—is among the most powerful ways to communicate. It's as close as humans can come to having messages and feelings beamed directly into our brains.

And Ballet Idaho Artistic Director Peter Anastos is one of Boise's experts on this subject. With more than 100 stage works under his belt, he knows what it takes to create choreographies that jump smoothly from intimacy to humor to sadness. It's his fluency of expression through dance that he'll bring to Ballet Idaho's Studio Series, taking place Saturday, March 16-Sunday, March 17, at the Esther Simplot Performing Arts Academy.

Formerly called Innovations, this annual dance event takes advantage of Anastos' talents and experience to deliver cutting-edge choreographies professionally performed by principal dancer Angela Napier Gibson, as well as other Ballet Idaho company dancers, including Nathan Powell, Lauren Menger, Daniel Ojeda and James Brougham.

The name change from Innovations to Studio Series suggests a shift in how the dances on display should be viewed. Innovation implies an emphasis on newness and dynamism, while the studio invokes intimacy, character and personality. Audiences should expect emotionally evocative and intensely personal performances.

Studio Series is presented by Ballet Idaho in conjunction with Boise Weekly.