Conduct unbecoming of an officer and a gentleman


Extra-marital affair, Internet pornography, phone sex, an illicit foray to a hotel for a sexual liaison while on duty, sending sexually explicit e-mails and making inappropriate comments to coworkers, requiring employees under his supervision to perform tasks related to his moonlighting job and lying to an investigator.

Sad but true, these are the findings of an investigation into allegations against a Boise Police Department officer.

The officer's unraveling began earlier this year on July 6 when Boise Community Ombudsman Pierce Murphy received a complaint from a man alleging his wife had been having an affair for more than a year with a Boise Police officer.

The ombudsman's office conducted an investigation into the allegations and in a 31-page report released last week, Murphy found that the officer violated police department policy in 11 of the 14 allegations against him.

Some juicy bites from the report:

"Officer #1 (the naughty police officer) gave rides to Complainant #2 (the object of his affection) in his assigned BPD vehicle, including one occasion when they drove to an area on Highway 21 past the Hilltop Café so Officer #1 could view Complainant #2's underwear."

"The (cell phone) audit revealed that Officer #1 spent a total of 2,132 minutes in outgoing calls placed to either Complainant #2's home phone number or her cell number ... interviews of both parties support the conclusion that some of the calls were of a sexual nature."

"[Officer #1's computer] hard drive contained evidence that 97 different web sites containing sexually explicit photographs and other content has been accessed ..."

"[Officer #1] sent emails containing confidential law enforcement and personnel information to someone not authorized to receive it. The confidential information included names of crime victims, medical information about a BPD employee and possible personnel action to be taken by BPD."

To read the Ombudsman's entire 31-page report, go to and click on "Harassment and Ethics Complaint Investigation OMB04/0121."

Because this incident is a "personnel issue," the Boise Police Department and Office of the Community Ombudsman will not disclose the officer's name or details about his function within the department.

The nefarious officer has resigned from the Boise Police Department and the Department is heeding Murphy's advice to quickly implement additional harassment policy training and review cell phone, Internet and e-mail policies.

Curiously, neither the officer nor his sweetie were charged with violating Idaho Statute 18-6601 which makes adultery a crime in the Gem State. The law reads:

A married man who has sexual intercourse with a woman not his wife, an unmarried man who has sexual intercourse with a married woman, a married woman who has sexual intercourse with a man not her husband, and an unmarried woman who has sexual intercourse with a married man, shall be guilty of adultery.