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Bad Checks Land Radio Host Behind Bars


Boing. Ba-boing. Boing. Clang.

This aural interlude of bouncing checks and slamming cell doors was brought to you by Daytona & Friends Worldwide Radio Network. Your host is Danna "Daytona" Dayton, now known as Idaho Department of Corrections Inmate No. 92256.

Dayton's career took a wrong turn back in 2007, when she was accused of writing checks to a Boise payroll company totaling more than $68,000. Problem was, she had a measly $467 in her account.

During the January trial, witnesses testified that Dayton knew she didn't have the cash to cover the checks when she wrote them. What's more, she allegedly handed out bad paper totaling an additional $20,000 to other area businesses during the same period.

A jury of her peers found Dayton guilty of four felony counts of insufficient funds fraud. In March, she was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

However, the court cut Dayton some slack, retaining jurisdiction for six months. If she behaved herself, Dayton could have been released on probation. Being behind bars would seriously crimp her ability to make restitution.

Problem was, Dayton had moved from the Boise area to Draper, Utah, after posting a $15,000 bond prior to the trial. She used a local moving company and paid them with--you guessed it--a bad check. To the tune of $6,300.

Not the best argument for early release. So, on Sept. 14, the judge sent Dayton to the hoosegow. Sentences to run consecutively. Which would keep her locked up until 2021.

But before she settled into her new home, Dayton was treated to a little side trip, courtesy of Boise Police. She was booked on a fifth felony fraud charge as the moving company's bill finally came due. Her arraignment was set to be held Monday, Oct. 5.

We predict this wrong turn on her career path won't keep Dayton down forever. That's because, during the next decade or so, she'll undoubtedly have occasion to whisper to herself the inspirational quote that appears at the top of her personal Web site:

"It's never too late to dream a beginning ... and never too late to begin a dream."