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Bacon Maple Bar at DK Donuts


Oh, bacon. You are both salvation and scourge. Your hits on the Internet number in the hundreds of millions; entire books are devoted to you. You are like a No. 1 song on the radio: you're so over-played, no one wants to ever hear your name again. You are at a greasy saturation point. But, precious pork product, you are also undeniably delicious, especially when resting on one of DK Donuts' maple bars.

Bacon on a doughnut (bacon on anything, really) is not a new concept, although it is but a few weeks old at the little State Street doughnut shop. The owner of DK took a trip to Portland, Ore., and instead of bringing back a souvenir key chain, he returned with the borrowed idea of combining two of breakfast's best items.

If pouring maple syrup across everything on your breakfast platter is already your thing, this doughnut is a no-brainer. For those of us who don't like to combine our salty and sweet flavors--we whose picky palates predispose us to pluck the M&Ms out of trail mix and eat them separately--a double-dog dare may be required to dive into the doughnut. But only one.

Two strips of well-cooked bacon dress each large, soft maple doughnut. The chewy salty bacon against the sweet, melty maple icing is reason enough to indulge. You can work out a few extra minutes (or hours) at the gym if you feel guilty.

Doughnuts may have seen their dog days (there aren't many doughnut shops around any more) and bacon may be stripped of its pop culture crown any minute, but the bacon maple bar at DK Donuts is making the best of whatever time it has left.