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Backcountry Film Festival

November 7 film series premieres in Boise before heading to 100 venues across the world


From Alaska to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana to far-reaching Patagonia, this year's Winter Wildlands Alliance Backcountry Film Festival features an awesome lineup.

Entries include Afterglow, a Sweetgrass Production edit capturing skiers shredding the backcountry in the pitch dark, wearing full-body light suits; and Out on a Limb, the story of a skier who doesn't let his leg amputation stop him from finding the powder.

This year marks the 10th Backcountry Film Fest, which premieres in Boise before heading to more than 100 venues across the world. It's viewed by more than 20,000 outdoor enthusiasts and raises more than $110,000 each year for local organizations that work to preserve open space, educate on snow safety, and invest in SnowSchool Programs.