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Back to the Future Tour

Feb. 19, Reef


While Boise may get passed over by some marquis groups, the city is a perfect stop for underground artists, meaning we get the chance to see amazing music that might slip under the radar in a larger market.

But even in a constant stream of great acts, some shows still stand out, like the upcoming Back to the Future Tour featuring Mistah F.A.B., Eligh (Living Legends), Opio (Hieroglyphics), The Bayliens, Xienhow, Canibal Lecture, Flossafee and DJs Lex and True Justice. At the high end of that lineup is an artist signed to Mac Dre's label, Thizz Entertainment. At the low end--low being relative--are some of the Bay Area's best underground DJs and emcees. Together, they're setting a high bar for hip-hop tours in 2011, marquis or underground.

You can see them here when the tour hits Reef on Saturday, Feb. 19. Why? That's obvious: Boise is a great place for live music.