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Baby, Please Don't Go


Baby, Please Don't Go

We here at the True Crime desk are prepared to say that Jason Leidle has been wrongly accused. Leidle, 26, was booked into the Ada County lockup for failure to appear, but also for assault and battery on a police officer, and resisting and obstructing arrest.

No way, we say. Sure, Leidle did run from officers at first. OK, so he did try to jump a tall fence in a subdivision near the corner of Vista and Williamsport. Sure, maybe he tried to kick the arresting officers who tried to haul his scrawny butt off the fence.

But, really: Can you call it resisting arrest if his next move was to wrap his arms around the leg of the arresting officer and refuse to let go? We don't call that resisting arrest. We call that sheer loneliness. Dude was crying out, for Pete's sake, he needed a hug.

Instead, what Leidle got was two of Boise's finest prying his needy arms off the leg of Officer Josh Arend, followed shortly by a set of cuffs and a ride to jail. So much for reaching out and touching someone.

OK, so Leidle's cry for attention started earlier, when callers to the BPD dispatch described a guy jumping in and out of traffic on Vista. When officers came by to investigate, Leidle stopped playing hopscotch in traffic and hot-footed it into the subdivision, followed by the officers.

After getting him into a car, they found two outstanding warrants for his arrest. He awaits the long, unfriendly arm of justice in the Ada County jailhouse.