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Baby, It's Cold Outside: New Year's Eve Forecast Shows Single Digits in Boise, Bitterly Cold in Mountains


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The year is going out the same way it came in: with frigid temperatures.

Boise was in the single digits when it rang in the new year on Jan. 1, 2015. A year later, the National Weather Service office in Boise reports the New Year's Eve forecast should include an overnight low of 9 degrees.

Things will get even chillier in area mountain communities, with dangerously cold temperatures Thursday night:
  • Fairfield: 18-below zero
  • Idaho City: 8-below zero
  • Stanley: 8-below zero
  • McCall: 7-below zero
  • Sun Valley: 1-below zero
According to the National Weather Service history books, which go back 137 years, the coldest New Year's Day temperature ever recorded in Boise was 13-below zero in 1942. More people might remember 1979, when Boise registered its second coldest New Year's Day: 10-below zero.  

The warmest New Year's Day on record for Boise was in 1939, when the temperature topped out at 61 degrees. The snowiest New Year's Day in Boise was back in 1910, when a half-foot of snow fell in one day.