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Awesome Show, Great Job!



Not to bore you with the details of my editorial lifestyle, but part of my routine is to take home printouts of Boise Weekly and give them a final read on Monday nights. I'll be honest, sometimes this is an almighty chore. Despite what some exuberant volunteer copy editors might think, everything that goes into the paper is read and edited at least three times before it heads to the printer, and that final read takes place in my basement home office (usually accompanied with a tall glass of whiskey and Gustav Mahler on the record player, for extra cliched effect).

Long story short, a person can only read the same thing so many times before it gets a tad tiring. This week that was not the case. In my considered opinion, this is an excellent edition of BW.

On Page 6, staff writer Harrison Berry explores the compelling work of Crafting Resistance, an art exhibition at the Boise State University Visual Arts Center that exudes a spirit of social and political protest. Meanwhile, freelancer Sami Edge fills us in on an impending financial deficit facing the College of Western Idaho.

News Editor George Prentice puts on his culture reporter hat for a conversation on Page 14 with Idaho-raised author Emily Ruskovich. If you haven't yet heard Ruskovich's name, or of her debut novel Idaho, you soon will. And often. The book has stunned critics from The New York Times to Marie Claire and O, earning accolades typically handed out to already-established best selling authors, which she almost certainly will become.

Because he's a man of many hats, Prentice switches into film guru gear with a preview of the upcoming Sun Valley Film Festival on Page 16 and, on Page 18, presents a conversation with Melinda Quick, who has taken over as executive director of the Boise Film Festival.

Finally, check out Page 17 for a review of three spring-like cocktails with which to toast our spring-like season.

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