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Avengers: Endgame, The Mad Libs Edition

Our Marvel-themed game of blankety-blanks. And no worries; there are no spoilers here


Keeping Avengers: Endgame secrets under your hat is nearly as difficult as enduring the film's 3-plus hours without a bathroom break. Instead, why not test your own superpowers with our Mad Libs-inspired word game? You know the drill: Don't read the resulting Mad Libs until you've first made your 20 selections of words from the list below. (It's always better to play with a friend.)

1. A famous but unpopular personality_______________________________

2. A popular children's game_________________________________________

3. An element from the Periodic Table________________________________

4. Any object nearby (plural)_________________________________________

5. A brand of candy bar______________________________________________

6. A brand of soda___________________________________________________

7. A country or nation________________________________________________

8. A color____________________________________________________________

9. An unkind description of someone_________________________________

10. A type of hairstyle________________________________________________

11. A power tool_____________________________________________________

12. A part of the body________________________________________________

13. Something light and fluffy________________________________________

14. A horrible politician______________________________________________

15. Your least-favorite food chain____________________________________

16. An embarrassing fashion fad from the past_______________________

17. Your least-favorite singer________________________________________

18. Your least-favorite television show_______________________________

19. Your favorite restaurant_________________________________________

20. Your favorite fantasy TV/movie franchise________________________



In Avengers: Endgame, the surviving superheroes do their best to battle the evil supervillain (1)_________________. Unfortunately, some of the superheroes don't think they're up to the task of defeating (1) ___________________, so instead, they challenge the villain to a game of (2) _________________.

Unfortunately, the Avengers aren't what they used to be. Iron Man is now made of (3)_________________. Thor is no longer the God of Thunder and is now known as the God of (4) _________________. Thor is a bit out of shape because he has eaten way too many (5) _________________ candy bars and chugged way too many bottles of (6) _________________. Meanwhile, Captain America doesn't even live in the United States anymore and is now known as Captain (7)_________________. Plus, Black Widow no longer prefers to wear black. She's now called (8) _________________ Widow. And the Incredible Hulk isn't really so incredible anymore. In fact, most people now call him the (9)_________________ Hulk. Even Hawkeye has changed. He's sporting a new (10) _________________ haircut; and instead of a bow and arrow, he now wields a (11) _________________, which also requires him to carry a very long extension cord.

The Avengers know that they can't allow (1) _________________ to rub his (12) _________________ again, because if he does, all of mankind might turn into (13) _________________.

Instead of going back in time to stop (1)_________________, The Avengers decide to go back in time and stop the election of (14)_________________, the creation of (15)_________________, the design of (16)_________________, the music of (17) _________________, and the creation of (18)_________________. As a result, anyone who is still alive is now very thankful that the Avengers have made the planet a bit more livable.

The Avengers meet up for a brief celebration at (19) _________________, and then head back to their headquarters to binge-watch episodes of (20) _________________.