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Austin Lucas Shreds The Line Between Punk, Country All The Way to Boise

Oct. 26, The Shredder


Punk and folk-country have been linked in surprising ways over the years. Joe Strummer took his original nickname from Woody Guthrie. Hank Williams III switches between old-school honky-tonk and pulverizing hardcore. Even Johnny Rotten once called himself a folk musician in an interview.

Austin Lucas, a musician based in Bloomington, Ind., walks the line between punk and country. His father, bluegrass musician Bob Lucas, has had his songs covered by Alison Krauss and Union Station. Austin played in punk and hardcore bands for many years before returning to his roots. His albums have earned attention from publications ranging from to American Songwriter, the latter of which made Lucas' most recent album, Stay Reckless, available for streaming in August 2013.

Whether you wear a Mohawk or cowboy boots, you'll be welcome. If you have both, all the better.