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Austin Lucas, June 10, The Shredder


Frequenters to local punk/metal den The Shredder might be a little surprised going cold into Austin Lucas' upcoming show there. With his tattoos and patch-covered denim jackets, Lucas might look the part, but he'd be an odd choice to pen with either genre.

Self-described as an "Indiana troubadour," Lucas specializes in a warbling, sauntering, stripped-down country folk sound that feels, at times, like a combination of vintage Hank Williams crossed with Jolie Holland. His take on the style lays emphasis on stories reeled out in a voice as mournful and occasionally lonely as it is tonally true.

Touring behind his latest release, Between the Moon and the Midwest (Last Chance Records, Feb. 2016), Lucas characterized his newest work as a marriage of "traditional and cosmic country sounds with sharp, vivid storytelling." Check and double-check.