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Auld Lang Syne

Rolling out the new On The Town app


'Tis the season to talk big about resolutions and new beginnings, and here at Boise Weekly, we actually do have something new to be excited about as we flip the calendar to 2014.

Our freshly minted, free mobile app, Boise Weekly On The Town, is launching this week on iTunes and the Google Play Store, loaded with local events, activities, updating live music listings and unique offers for Boise and surrounds--all accessible from the comfort of your own handheld device.

What's more, BW On The Town allows you to bookmark events, create and share plans with friends and hammer out the details of where you're going to go and what you're going to do through free group text, email or chat--even to users who don't have the BW app (though why wouldn't they?).

Categories are: Seasonal (which includes holiday events right now), Music, Arts, On Stage, Food, Recreation, Literature and Sports. We'll be adding categories as they come up, but that should be plenty to get you started.

Also in the calendar-flipping spirit, this week we look back at the year that was. On Page 7, you'll find a selection of top stories that the News Desk followed in 2013, along with some insight into how those pieces developed throughout the year. On Page 9, we recap 13 stories from the archive that we felt represented the variety found in the pages of BW this year--from politics to arts and culture, 2013 was most definitely a good news year.

On Page 21, we get in the holiday spirit with a list of oddball Christmas albums, as well as a brief summary of some of the local album releases we profiled during the year. And finally, on Page 24, we have our much anticipated (at least around BWHQ) top film picks of 2013. Laid out in bracket form, our own BW News Editor and Resident Film Expert George Prentice--who watches, literally, hundreds of movies each year--has ranked his favorite flicks of '13, March Madness-style.

Obviously, 2013 was chock-full of major goings on--some great, some not-so-great; some fun, some not-so-fun. Whatever it was for you, we hope the close of this year finds you happy and healthy, and wish you all the best when we meet again on newsstands in 2014. (P.S. The edition of Boise Weekly dated Jan. 1, 2014 will be delivered Dec. 31.)