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August 4 2004


Thank you for Chris Schnoor. I have never met him, but I love him! I love that there is a person in the "art community" of Boise who has an educated opinion and a strong viewpoint; and has the experience and intelligence to voice them. Bravo to him for raising the bar!

--Andrea Gutierrez,



I think the most interesting item in the July 21 issue of Boise Weekly is the quote from Mayor Bieter to CCDC Director Phil Kushlan at their joint meeting: "As we've learned in the past, we are going to pay for your sins."

The development group at CCDC is commonly known as the most powerful and most dangerous entity in Boise. I admire Mayor Bieter's guts in openly calling a spade a spade. It would be interesting to see an article covering more of that meeting.

A couple years ago I tried to deal with CCDC regarding their plans to heavily impact the North End's elementary school streets, and thousands of children daily, with their new redevelopment plan. Their documents said they would respect existing neighborhoods and plans, but when they saw the existing plan's protections of schools and children, they said they didn't have to comply because somebody at ACHD had told them they could use our elementary school streets as heavy traffic arterials to link the foothills to downtown Boise. It's only common sense to realize that such heavy degradations of the neighborhoods' school accesses and environments means that every school child across the neighborhood, and their families, will suffer far greater risks than necessary every day.

The battle between good and evil never seems to cease while greed, corruption, and a cancerous rate of growth runs so rampant here, so three cheers to Mayor Bieter for being a leader with courage.

Remember, "All it takes for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing." How many of you have spoken up when and where it could make a difference? How many of you have seen and commented on the new transportation/development plans and budgets before the August 4 deadline? What unexpected changes are being proposed for the already adopted 2025? The biggest concerns might lie in the projects and budgets that are nonexistent in those plans to take care of current and growing problems. 

Boise is a beautiful city to live in, but what is coming down the pike is not pretty. Better to stand up, speak out and protect our community quality now, rather than to end up having to find a new place to live. We finally have a mayor and city council that can see past the spinning dollar signs, and who genuinely care about the city. They need the support of good people and good ideas, it's very doubtful that all of the corruption went to jail or quit their jobs this past year.

--Cherie Cole,



Bush tells us there will be an imminent attack, we are in danger, the worst is yet to come. And what does he do? He decides that the time is right to ban gay marriages. Our Mountain Home kids are wrested from their families to fight while the Senate argues senselessly over gays to protect families? It is not the terrorists terrifying Bush but those gays. Lock our kids in the house lest they catch gayness or be blown to smithereens by bombs strapped to gays' backs. First it was weapons of mass destruction. Now it is weapons of mass distraction.

Our kids are dying in Iraq--we still don't know the reason, the man responsible for 9/11 is still at large, and amazingly, Bush repeatedly holds up legislation to protect ourselves and our infrastructure. He instead foments fear, uncertainty and utter nonsense. If the Republicans want to strengthen families--their basis for disrespecting gays--how about actually doing something about it like providing tax breaks to those who need it instead of to those who don't? Did you know that the tax break Bush gave to each of his cabinet members, each of whom is a millionaire, equals the average American wage of $41,000? If Bush really cares about families (other than his Saudi family friends), why are schools, health care, social services, jobs, and basically everyone and everything other than the richest of the rich hurting?

We hear about values, values, values, and working folks think our current government shares these values, that they do right by us. The Bushes and their kind don't help us; they can't even relate to us. You who are working two jobs for your family, you whose kids need special attention at school, you whose drugs and premiums are skyrocketing while the insurance and drug companies are profiting more than ever, aren't getting any better. Our employment growth is horrible, our deficit is beyond comprehensible, and the gap between the affluent and everyone else increasingly widens.

Who is doing well? The oil and other companies that generously contribute to the Bush campaign are profiting enormously from the war effort as well as from the Republican legislation that purports to help us folks while blatantly doing the exact opposite (e.g., no kid left behind, Medicare reform, healthy forests, social services, local governments, assisting 9/11 victims, etc.) I screamed this before the war and continue to scream it--I know this about the war: 1) fat cats in tall buildings are getting fatter, 2) children are dying, 3) Bush has ignited to terrorists' delight their fury, hate and danger, 4) we have alienated most of the world, and 5) even a little bit of the $200-plus billion spent to thwart fabricated, unfounded threats could be better spent on tons of folks and families facing real threats (decent wages, health care, education, schools, you name it).

Stop listening to what they say--it's all bogus soundbites--and make a slight effort to look and think about what they do. If you want to talk values, don't tell us we are about to be blown up and instead direct Congress to focus on the sanctity of marriage. Bush perfects the manipulation of religion, families, and values while, time and time again, bluntly and brazenly undermining them--you know, the guy lookin' in your eyes while lying to your face and smiling all the way to the bank. Shame on duping us into believing you're our friend when the only thing you want is our vote and, sad to say, our lives for your money.

--Jeff Mandell,



1) The caption to the image accompanying the article "Hit and Miss: Voices and Visions at Boise State (BW, July 28) should read, "Signified/Significant Other 2."

2) Apparently world strife is not nearly as disconcerting to some of our readers as the fact that we accidentally ran the wrong grid to last week's crossword puzzle. The correct puzzle can be printed from our Web site, www.boiseweekly.com.