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August 30, 2006


”They say dreams are the windows of the soul; take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts.” —Henry Bromel

Dear Dream Zone, For the past few years, I have similar reoccurring dreams that tigers are chasing and hunting me down. I'm either finding ways to hide, run or just stay still, hoping they'll leave and won't hurt me. —Melissa 24, Danbury, CT

Lauri: Guess what? These are good dreams!! Here's why ... Tigers, lions, any sort of predatory animal that appears in our dreams will symbolize our ability to "hunt down" what we want in life, whether that be a job, a relationship, a promotion ... whatever. Predatory cats, as well as domestic cats are often found in women's dreams because felines are very feminine-like and can sometimes even symbolize a gal's sexuality! These tigers that have been appearing in your dreams these last few years are symbolic of your feminine prowess ... your girl power! They are chasing you because you are afraid to acknowledge or to use these qualities. Have you been "running from" a relationship? Have you been avoiding being more aggressive at work or in other areas of your life? You keep getting these dreams because you have not recognized this part of you. You are running from it instead of welcoming it. Your dream tigers don't want to harm you, they want to get your attention. They are a part of who you are ... if they weren't, they wouldn't exist in your dreams. You are telling yourself, through these dreams, that it is time for you to be fierce and assertive, girlfriend! It's in you! Don't be afraid of it.

Melissa replies: Thanks so much, this has really helped. I'm constantly struggling with being more assertive, I've always been a quiet and shy person, but I've been more assertive lately.

Fascinating Dream Fact: Tornado dreams used to be the most common natural disaster dream of North Americans whether they live in coastal areas or inland. But since Hurricane Katrina hit a year ago, hurricanes now top the list.